Financial Aid for Current and Prospective Students

The Mailman School of Public Health Financial Aid Office is dedicated to identifying the best resources of financial support for our students. Financial aid packages may consist of a combination of institutional funds, loans, and student employment opportunities.

The Financial Aid Office bases its awards on the student budget that is created each academic year. Some costs may differ and others may stay the same. Students should evaluate the standard budget when planning for the upcoming academic year.

Financial Aid is awarded based on the expected contribution and the standard student budget. Students who may have additional expenses such child care, or the need for a computer, should inform the Financial Aid Office in writing with suitable documentation as well as with meeting with the Associate Director or Director of Financial Aid. Under such circumstances, special accommodations may be made when creating your student budget. Please make note that it is very uncommon for the financial aid to make such accommodations for anything other than rent expenses, a one-time purchase of a computer or childcare.

**In order to keep any institutional need based grant you must accept the full federal Unsubsidized loan.

Develop a Budget

There are five steps involved in developing your in-school budget:

  1. Identify your financial goals. i.e (what you need vs what you want)
  2. Calculate your non-loan financial resources (i.e. grants, jobs).
  3. Estimate your education expenses (i.e. tuition/fees, books, supplies, etc.).
  4. Estimate your living expenses (renting vs. housing).
  5. Do the math. A deficit, if any, represents the amount you may need to borrow.


It is important that you build up some form of liquid savings that can be used prior to arriving on campus. This will help you cover start up costs such as first month's rent security deposits, moving expenses, etc., while waiting for your financial aid to deposit into your student account.

Finally, all students who are accepted and enroll in a degree program must be sure to arrive to New York City with at least one month of living expenses (preferably two).  The federal loan disbursement process does not take place until two weeks into the start of every semester.

Review our site for more information and listen to our Financial Aid Virtual Information Session.

Additional Information

To learn more about the financial aid process, look through our student orientation slides on financial aid.

Also be sure to read through our slides on outside scholarship opportunities.