How to Apply: Application Process

It is important to start the application process early. We recommend that you begin one year before the semester in which you intend to enroll in order to allow for any unforeseen obstacles or delays (e.g. in receiving recommendations). Applicants should also review the minimum work experience requirements to ensure that you qualify for a specific program.

Seven-Step Process

  1. Program of Study
    The Mailman School offers MPH, MS, MHA*, and doctoral degrees. Learn more about the degrees available at Degree Programs.
  2. Identify Department of Interest
    Applicants should visit the Department pages to identify the area of study that they wish to pursue. Note that some departments have different requirements for admissions to their various programs.
  3. Identify Certificate(s) of Interest

    Applicants for the 2-year Columbia MPH program can also identify the Certificate program that they are interested in although they can defer that decision until the first semester. Applicants may chose a first and second choice certificate. Applicants should note that while most of the certificates are open to students from all departments, some do have requirements that limit entry to students from specific departments.

  4. Check Deadlines
  5. Gather Application Materials
  6. Check Financial Aid Information
  7. Apply Now

       *Students applying for the MHA degree may also apply through HAMPCAS (pending Department of Education approval for federal aid.)