Columbia MPH

Interdisciplinary. Integrated. Collaborative.

In Fall 2012, the Mailman School of Public Health introduced a breakthrough MPH curriculum that sets a new standard for public health education. The result of an intensive schoolwide effort and investment involving more than 150 members of the faculty, plus students, alumni, and employers, the new curriculum provides the broad systemic understanding, critical thinking skills, and leadership training needed to tackle today’s complex public health challenges.

The innovative structure of the 2-year MPH program (see clickable graphic below) integrates six components, so that learning in one part of the program informs activities and assignments in another.

To apply for the Columbia MPH you must select a department. While most candidates require two years to fulfill all their requirements, is a 1-year Accelerated MPH program for select candidates. (Please note that the MPH in Biostatistics is offered only through the Accelerated MPH program.)